I am typing this up right now in EDIT. It is terrible. There's also VIM but I don't understand that program. The machine lacks NOTEPAD for absolutely no reason at all. If only they had emacs on these machines. Ugh. The name of this file is BLOG1.TXT. Yay Windows.

I spent most of the day today with the Pep Band. First we had the Parade of Nations, and second we had the first home football game of the year. The Parade of Nations was pretty much the same as last year: I didn't see very many foreign floats or anything, and stayed entirely in the center of the Pep Band. The football game was our Huskies versus Wayne State. We beat them 24-7, quite surprisingly.

I don't go on Facebook very often because the computer labs are always crowded, and to use a computer to use Facebook when so many people are waiting to use computers would make me feel bad. I hope that is sufficient explanation.

On Thursday, in P. Chem Lab, we found the specific combustion energy of Cap'n Crunch. (The other groups worked with other cold cereals.) We did this with a bomb calorimeter, which was pretty cool. Yay Science.

Linear Algebra and Physics are turning out to be the easiest classes in the whole world. I just have to be careful to do the online homework in Physics. Nothing is more painful to keep track of than online homework. This is true. Besides Mastering Physics, those classes are mostly boring. In Linear Algebra recently we learned how to multiply matrices. In Physics recently, we learned one-dimensional projectile motion. I have learned these thing completely.

Unlike last year, there is no engineering fundamentals class keeping me busy with meaningless busywork. However, I still have quite a bit of work to do. Physical Chemistry is medium as well: at least in that class we learn something new. Now we are learning about Enthalpy (H) and Internal Energy (U). At least it's not boring.

My International Law class is very interesting. The Professor takes a very Socratic approach to teaching. The class discussions are very involving and fun. Some of my peers try to stump the Professor with hypotheticals. Amazingly, she is able to answer every one to satisfaction while referencing sources. I, though, am not such an expert: I don't like writing very much, and this class looks like it'll involve a lot of writing. Well, it is a humanities class, and I have to take a few of them to become "well-rounded," instead of an entirely mathe-mechanical engineer (also I need them to graduate). Law, though, seems to be the most logical of the humanities, so it isn't rounding me off that much.

My Chemical Engineering textbook is absolutely fraught with logical and grammatical (even spelling!) errors. I wonder who decided on this textbook. Also, it would not hurt the online lectures to be a little bit higher in their resolution.

This is approximately one year since my first entry! Happy anniversary dear reader.


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