Today it is cold and rainy. Today my alarm radio failed to report on the weather. Today I was cold and wet when I arrived in my math class.

This is a far cry from Saturday: bright, sunny, hot Saturday. I may have not burnt, but I did turn a little pink!

I was at the Parade of Nations and I will report on it from a unique perspective. You see, I was in the Pep Band. Some of the things were harder for me to see, and most of them were harder for me to hear for a while afterward. We played several songs and did many cheers. After the parade we had lunch and continued to the football game. At the football game, our Huskies lost 48-10. We were clobbered and sad.

The most interesting part of the parade I could see was the Zombie Nation. I thought it was amusing. I also saw Brazilians, Kenyans, and Koreans. I didn't learn very much, but I was thoroughly entertained. It was a nice break from the nigh-perpetual lectures and homework that constitute my school-week.


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