Today is a not-very-busy day. I only have three classes, and only this assignment/blog entry to turn in. It was colder this morning than it was in previous mornings. I regret wearing my normal shorts and t-shirt. There’s no way I can know the temperature without going outside first. My room is on the fifth floor of East McNair, farthest from everything on campus.

Good listening skills can improve relationships. Relationships are essentially communications. Therefore, poor communication skills lead to bad relationships. Listening is fully half of the communication process.

I listen more than I speak. It’s both a good and a bad thing. Good, because I understand everything a person says out-loud to me, and bad, because I don’t understand what they don’t say out-loud to me: the things that I should ask them about.

There are two things I could improve on: taking notes and asking questions. I rarely take notes, though I suppose that I should in case I need future references. In high school, note-taking was completely unnecessary. I was too smart for the classes that were too easy. I very rarely ask questions, but this is probably because it is rarely necessary. I’ll be sure to when it is though.

Coming up in an hour I have Organic Chemistry. That class has its own website for assignments separate from blackboard: ARIS. It keeps breaking for me. It’s hard for a computer to figure out if the complicated organic molecules you drew were correct, and it’s hard to determine what it’s grading you on. Also, it just keeps coming up with random error messages. I was totally unable to do one of the assignments because of it. Hand-done and graded work would probably consume more paper, but at least there would be less technical glitches. It’s upsetting.


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