I have a minor problem on my hands. My ID card does not give me swipe access to my department’s computer labs. This is annoying because sometimes I need to get work done, work that needs to be saved. This means I cannot do it in the library, because the computers there delete everything new at the end of the day. This problem has not been solved yet, I feel, because I have not spoken to anyone about it. Actually, this small problem is a figment of a larger one. I tend to be a little bit too passive…but that really isn’t the right word. It’s probably best explained by a metaphor about how I used to play chess. Everyone said I played too defensively. Whenever an opportunity for advancement came up with some risk, I wouldn’t take it, and I would often lose. Now, I play assertively, and mostly, I win. However, I continue in my life the same way I used to play chess, defensively. I continue to be shy and passive. Whenever I take an assertive action, good things happen to me. I think some more assertive action is required here. I’ll talk to some people, see if they’re experiencing problems, and see if they know who to talk to. Then I’ll talk to some other people and get this problem solved.


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