My first week of classes in Michigan Tech was fun and easy. I had very few homework assignments and required no organization of my schedule, other than carrying my Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) around in my pocket. My PDA has proved extremely helpful in my organization and time management. It only throws you off if you make an error in entering an appointment. I can sync my PDA with Zimbra, Facebook, and Google Calendar; which is nice.

On my second week, I started getting some assignments. Most assignments were for engineering, and it was confusing when they were due, as my engineering teacher has three ways of adding assignments: some assignments she'll mention verbally in class; others she'll show on a slide in class; and still others she'll post online to the course website. I wish she would, like in many of my other classes, post a list of all the assignments for the semester, along with when they are due. Instead, she adds assignments unexpectedly, to wastefully force me to check the course website. She's a nice teacher, but I wish her system of adding assignments were more organized.

Other classes were and are easier to keep track of. Their pre-posted assignment lists are synced with my PDA and my Zimbra. I always get those assignments done with plenty of free time.

That said, time management in college is VERY different than in high school. I'm not going to lie: in High School, I never used my planner, and couldn't use my PDA because digital devices were banned. Of course, all the assignments were usually quick and easy. I could generally finish math, science, and social studies homework in class. The only homework I really ever had was typing up essays that I had outlined in my English class.

In college, however, assignments are due at different times of the day for each class, and I also must keep track of when classes are. I can't do most of the assignments in class, and most assignments must be typed (like this one). I must use my PDA, and I do. It is the most helpful thing here at college.

I am facing few challenges when it comes to time management. I wish I had more free time, but that is probably just the summer-vacation mentality continuing into the school year. I'm not taking an unreasonable number of classes, I have a good amount of free time, and I don't feel overloaded. Sometimes I procrastinate. It's not a big problem; I don't feel rushed, get stressed, or turn in sub-quality work, but there's always that fear that keeps me motivated.


juliashenkar said...

you have a pda?
that doesn't act as a phone does it? it's not one of THOSE? i couldn't see you with that.

Henry David Raphael Eckert said...

No. It doesn't act as a phone. It is just an ordinary PDA.

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