Happy New Year!

Four days ago, I drove a great while and ended up back at school. I didn't like the drive that much, it was an all-day thing. But, I ended up back at school and I'm happier now. At school, I can perpetually do things I like without people pestering me to do some such thing or other, and I am free from my perpetual allergies I have at home.

However, when I am at school, I miss my dog and my family.

Usually, I'm just happy wherever I am or whatever I'm doing.

It doesn't bother me too much if my mom nags me or if my dad tries to get me to exercise. They're nice people and I love them. They sure gave me and my brother Leopold unique names: I'm named after Henry David Thoreau, the American Philosopher; and Leopold is named after Aldo Leopold.

It's pretty nice that these names are almost unique. I only got confused in the presence of a girl whose last name was Henry, and my band teacher called out "Henry," and I had no idea who he was talking to. My brother will have likely even less of a problem.


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