Today it is nice weather. This morning, the ground was frosted for the first time this year. It looked nice.

This weekend I'll go home. I'm looking forward to that. Unfortunately, this week I have tons of work to do. It is mostly done, but I still have most of a ten-page paper to write. I dislike my Perspectives class more than any of my other classes, even Engineering Fundamentals. They seem to have gotten the assignment schedule back on track.

Another class that was a waste of my time was the Alcohol Edu program. Several months ago, I took the Alcohol Edu course online, just like everyone elso who goes to Michigan Tech. It involved some multiple choice questions about what the proper thing to do was in a certain situation. Of course, the answer to these questions were easy: you do the right thing. For example, one question was what to do if a friend wanted to drive drunk, and there were a list of answers; two of them obviously wrong: try and talk him out of it, or do nothing; and one clearly correct: take his keys. The correct answer was always the most extreme response you could have taken.

Real life ain't always that easy. There is no list of possible answers, and sometimes the most extreme response isn't always the right one: you want to preserve your friendship, right? The right course of action can only be determined with a great deal of thought.


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