Things are changing around here at Raphael's Fish Gall. Just like Facebook randomly mucked everything up this weekend, so too have I. (At least I kept my posts in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.)

I've added a couple of things, like color, rounded corners, and one of those creepy pictures where the eyes follow you as you move about the room.

I've also added some convenient links to subscribe to my blog.

My only experience with color theory is from a web design class I took in Freshmen Year High School. I still use things I learned in that class to this very day. So, if you don't like the colors, blame Dr. Lewandowski.

Rounded corners are less threatening. This reflects my lighter attitude towards my blog now that I'm no longer doing it for assignments. Look at those rounded corners. Wow.

The picture is of St. Raphael of Brooklyn, the first Orthodox bishop to be consecrated in North America.

Tell me if anything isn't formatting correctly, unless you're using Internet Explorer, in which case, download a better browser.


Michael said...

Friends don't let friends use Opera.

Henry David Raphael Eckert said...

What do you mean? Opera is the best browser there is.

leopold said...

That is obviously chrome. You said so yourself.

Henry David Raphael Eckert said...

Nope, it's Chromium now.

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