Today, I am writing to you from a ghost town. It is apparent that everybody leaves Michigan Tech during the Thanksgiving Break. It feels like I'm in "I am Legend" most of the time.

I am staying at Tech over break so I can relax. I miss my family, but want to try staying at the university over a holiday just to see what it feels like. So far I noticed that it gives me far more time to concentrate and get work done. (Those semester projects suddenly are much easier than they were previously.) I am also saving time and health by staying here: long car rides have a tendency to make me a little sick.

Clearly, staying here has its benefits. But I miss my dog.

The dining hall is closed during Thanksgiving Break, so I have to feed myself. It is quite a different experience to have to provide food for oneself as opposed to having it provided for you. The break started on Saturday, two days ago.

So how have I been getting my food? My mom was nice enough to send me packages of foodstuffs. Thanks, Mom. Additionally, the MUB serves food on the weekdays over break, but not on Thanksgiving. I also intend to go to Wal-Mart sometime. I was going to go today, but it was snowing, and the MUB is serving food. I'll probably end up going on Friday, because I have just gotten an email saying that they'll serve a special meal on Thanksgiving in the Hillside Place (that's the name of the building behind McNair for those who are staying over break.)

I just realized that Friday is "Black Friday." Maybe I'll get some sweet loot while I'm there. Probably just food.

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Unknown said...

Dude what happened? You can't leave us in suspense like this!

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